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The Effect of Tax Laws on Quality Education in Kenya

Although the government has introduced and implemented free primary education and free secondary education for children in public primary and day secondary schools, the costs for other education related essentials high. Going to school often comes with a large price tag in the form of explicit and hidden fees eg, on tuition, textbooks, uniforms, supplies […]


Heeding the outcries of many Kenyans, the president recently refused to sign the controversial ICT Bill 2022. In 2016, the first ICT Practitioner’s bill was introduced into parliament. However, it did not go far and was rejected due to repetitiveness. Again in 2018, the bill resurfaced but without success. It seems that the third time’s […]

We want to make you normal for your own good: conversion therapies performed on intersex persons

Conversion or reparative therapy is the harmful emotional and physical practice of trying to “cure” or “repair” a person’s gender expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Some of these conversion practices include forced marriages, brutal beatings, the recital of verses and prayers for long hours, seclusion, rape, the administration of hormone-suppressing drugs, and performing unnecessary […]