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AMKA Africa Justice Initiative

AMKA works collaboratively with university legal clinics and grass root organisations to promote access to justice for the poor, the minority and marginalised groups in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Equal justice under law...it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society.It is one of the ends for which our entire legal system exists... It is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability,without regards to economic status.

Justice Lewis Powell, Jr.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To increase legal protection for the poor, minority and marginalised persons and groups in Kenya and the whole of Africa, through enhanced access to justice; policy, legislative and practice advocacy.
  2. To promote the use of alternative dispute resolution systems and informal community justice institutions to make access to justice for the poor, minority and marginalised persons and groups faster, effective and affordable.
  3. To enhance the capacity of the formal and informal dispute resolution institutions to handle the unique needs of the minority and marginalised persons and groups effectively.
  4. To forge partnerships with university based legal aid clinics and grassroots organisations working with the target groups; strengthen and build their capacity through training and dissemination of information.
  5. To mentor and prepare legal aid clinic students to be social justice champions in their future careers in law.
  6. To grow AMKA's capacity to undertake projects in several African countries within a period of ten years.
"Whether its about standing up for the rights of women, LGBTI people, migrants, journalists, disabled people, refugees, minorities and marginalized populations - or climate justice, which spans geographies and generations - human rights are core to all the challenges we face today and fundamental to all future possibilities" - Elizabeth Cousens