The poor, minority and marginalised groups. Article 260 of the Constitution defines marginalised group as 'a group of people who, because of laws or practices before, on, or after the effective date, were or are disadvantaged by discrimination on one or more of the grounds in Article 27 (4)'. They include children, persons living with disabilities, the youth, gender and sexual minorities.

  • The Strategic Thrust

    The strategic thrust of AMKA in the next five years will consist in (a) a programme strategy and (b) an institutional strengthening strategy. Within each of these, we shall have a primary and a secondary thrust. While the secondary thrust consists of our core business, the primary thrust will be

  • Access to Justice Programme (AJP)

    As a result, the primary thrust of this programme will be ADR, self representation (training litigants to effectively represent themselves in court), and public interest litigation (PIL).

  • Good Governance & Human Rights Programme (GHR)

    The Innovation. This programme has been engineered to respond to the realities of the Constitutional dispensation in Kenya and changing land scape of human rights violations and bad governance in Africa. The GHR will focus more on engagements at policy level, more specifically to strategically implement the positive outcomes of