Our Administrative Setup

Strategic Leadership

In our team structure, the Strategic Leadership Team will comprise of critical heads of functions. The responsibility of this team will be to interpret and operationalize the strategic intentions of AMKA Board.

Finance & Grants

This intervention will have two functions at the directorate. The first will be to manage the AMKA finances as per the stipulated standards. Our strategic intention here is to increase the value of our grants through efficient and effective application of resources. The strategy will also ensure that accurate, timely, and reliable information on 'resource use' is being generated, and that partnerships are serviced efficiently. The second will be fund-raising. And on fund-raising, our strategic intention is twofold. One, to service our donor partners through an institutional donor basket fund. Two, to source new funding through grant-writing.


This intervention will deal with three things. One, the human resource aspect which will include staffing, competence and capacity building. The second regards the administration of AMKA operations which will range from logistics to management of assets. The third is our public relations function. To be an effective organization, AMKA has to remain visible and audible. This aspect will ensure that our intentions are broadcasted and that they influence the supply side of justice and governance.

Programme Support Unit

This is an innovation aimed at managing knowledge at AMKA. It comprises of two critical functions: Monitoring and Evaluation, on the one hand and publications on the other. The M&E function at AMKA will be institutionalized. This strategic plan intends to do so, as a way of ensuring that learned experiences are ploughed back into programme planning. In the area of publications, our strategic intention is to have two types: the electronic publications through our website and partners websites and the print.