Amka Africa


  1. Community Capacity Building
    Engaging vulnerable community members in sensitizations and other legal capacity building trainings ensures that members of the community are able to navigate issues with little to no help from Amka. Under this program, Amka Africa through the Inua Waresh na Waless website has been able to provide economic empowerment to women and other gender minorities by giving them free economic information on the website. Click here to visit the inua waresh na waless website.
  2. Policy Advocacy
    We undertake policy, legislative and practice advocacy to implement judgments obtained through PIL and other access to justice interventions. Experience has shown that the crisis is not at the top. In most instances, the challenge is not a policy or legislation crisis; it is a practice crisis. That is, both policy and legislation may be in place, but the problem is the implementation culture amongst duty bearers. Our focus therefore goes a step lower to deal with implementation. Practice advocacy here focuses on the institutional culture that denies entitlements to the poor man and woman, the minority and marginalized groups. In doing advocacy around policy and practice, we use three approaches; lobbying, representation and campaigns. The media is a key partner.
  3. Sensitizations & social media advocacy.
    Engagement with administrative officers such as registrars, police and local authority. Rights monitoring through community training and equipping chiefs, ‘wazee wa nyumba kumi’. Amka Africa also uses social media platforms to educate the public, advocate for justice. We use comics, skits and blog articles to do this.